How to Make Money Online Without a College Degree

Date: April 20, 2020

The Funedtees Team has decided to write a series of posts on how to make money online without a college degree. After all, making money as an entrepreneur is one of the major themes of our website.

In light of current circumstances, many people are now looking to build multiple streams of income. If you are one of them, we want to show you how you can make money without an expensive college degree. There are literally thousands of blogs on the Internet on this subject, but most tend to simply list the ways to make money online. Some paint a pretty picture too, leading you to think that if you follow their advice, money will flow almost instantly.  Meanwhile, many simply don’t go into enough detail what you need to do in order to first establish the stream and then maintain it.

We’ll go into the nitty gritty in our blog because the honest truth is that to make money online without a college degree requires a great deal of time and commitment, but if you persevere, the rewards will blow your mind and provide you with the lifestyle you always wanted.

So, let’s begin with the easiest and effort free way to make money online without a college degree: cash back programs.

Cash back programs are by far the best way to strengthen your cash flow with minimal effort. Perhaps the most popular program is Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates. Just to be clear, cash back programs will help you save money online, rather than help you make it. If you shop online, you can potentially save thousands of dollars each year and on some stores, you can save up to 40 %.

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Next week we’ll discuss more conventional ways of how to make money online without a college a degree, so stay tuned!

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